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Part of our team in 2021. Camila, Laura, Edu, Paola, María Paulina and Luis are not in the photo.

Datasketch is a social technology company created in 2015. Our team comprises 20 people working collectively to promote the responsible use of information and data.

We want to democratize data science and promote transparency to combat social inequalities. We believe that the use of information should not require advanced knowledge. That is why we work to reduce barriers to technology adoption.

Our expertise combines years of experience in visualization, technology, design, data journalism, culture, and open government. It allows us to continuously think of tools and solutions to incorporate data science best practices from visualizations, open software, and the openness and use of data.

Our work builds bridges between data and people, helps answer problems that affect us all, makes evidence-based decisions, and improves people’s quality of life.

We want our users to be aware of the importance of data and to be able to benefit from our learning through to simple tools.