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The future of Knowledge at Dataviz - Data Culture #14

We disseminate the initiatives that inspire us to continue growing as a cultural space based on data. June 2022

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We share with you this week’s must-reads: we start with two virtual encyclopedias: one of the imaginary beings and another one on minerals. Also, with a book that inspires us to think about data science from the point of view of creativity and personal responsibility toward data. We continue with the top 4 things we like. In addition, we tell you about our exhibition Stitch to the Past, and we finish with our Data plus about the Drop Everything project -a collection of libraries from Ireland- for the London Design Biennial.


This generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures consists of an infinite number of possible underwater life forms. Each creature looks, moves, and behaves differently.

The coolest thing is that all the parameters that make up the DNA of each creature can be animated, transforming into the next species. This encyclopedia was published in Written Images.

📖 Explore the encyclopedia.


The Future of Data Science

This book intentionally reflects the DSxD community’s desire to design a future in data science focused on creativity, but also a future with more transparency, inclusivity, and personal responsibility to data. The anthology is a collaboration between data designers, scientists, and artists.

“The future of data science may be what we design."

🤖 Discover the project.

Source: Data Science by Design.

British and exotic mineralogy (1802-1817)

This project by data artist Nicholas Rougeux contains the 718 illustrations of James Sowerby - naturalist, illustrator and mineralogist - who made one of the finest examples of hand-drawn mineral illustrations ever created. Don’t miss a closer look at these incredible illustrations.

Each illustration has a detailed description, a list of similar names from other researchers, characteristics and classification details. Here you can learn about the methodology used.

🪨 Discover the project.

Source: c82.

Things we like

Casa Datasketch:

Exhibition Stitch to the Past: Spinning Futures 2050

On Thursday, June 2 we launched our group exhibition Stitch to the Past, the result of the workshop Spinning Futures 2050. We have 8 embroidery pieces that highlight the relationship between data and the materiality of reality. A way of humanizing information, making it tangible or, in other words, living and feeling. Therefore, we use futurology and embroidery to question and reflect on the future in 2050.

🎨 Read more.

Source: Datasketch

Data plus: An Leabharlann

Our team recommends:

An Leabharlann is a collection of books and a piece of microarchitecture located on Inis Oírr, on the smallest island off the west coast of Ireland. There, you will find this library that features an AI-assisted image search tool. The book collection focuses on Drop Everything’s research interests in art and design practices.

🏗️ Read more.

Source: Drop Everything.

That’s all for now, see you in the next issue.